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U.S. Power Companies May Face Financing Hurdles

By TENNILLE TRACY And NAUREEN S. MALIK  |  Wall Street Journal  |  Link to article The ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan could make it harder and more expensive for U.S. power companies to finance the construction of new nuclear reactors, threatening to further complicate a process that is already challenging. Nuclear experts are warning of […]

Calif. cap-and-trade plan suffers legal setback

By Bob Egelko  |  SFGate / San Francisco Chronicle  |  Link to article California’s attempt to implement its landmark global warming law with a market-oriented “cap-and-trade” system of pollution credits hit a snag Monday with a judge’s ruling that the state had not looked hard enough at alternatives. The ruling by Judge Ernest Goldsmith of […]

Battle-proof Wind Farms Survive Japan’s Trial by Fire

By Kelly Rigg Executive Director, GCCA  |, Inc.  |  Link to article As the world collectively holds its breath to see how the Fukushima crisis plays out (the quote of the day has got to be: “The worst-case scenario doesn’t bear mentioning and the best-case scenario keeps getting worse…”) there’s a positive story which […]

Crisis Revives Doubts on Regulation

By NORIHIKO SHIROUZU in Tokyo and ALISON TUDOR in Hong Kong  |  Wall Street Journal  |  Link to article Japan’s nuclear-power crisis is reviving long-held doubts about the strength of the nation’s nuclear regulatory system and its independence from government efforts to sell nuclear technology abroad. There aren’t indications that any government regulatory failures contributed […]

House GOP targets state’s tough emission standards

By Carolyn Lochhead, Chronicle Washington Bureau  |  SFGate / San Francisco Chronicle  |  Link to article Taking advantage of a spike in gasoline prices, House Republicans are moving rapidly to gut California’s landmark controls on greenhouse-gas emissions from cars as a way to prevent the tougher state standards from spreading nationwide. The legislation, HR910, the […]

Will Fukushima Disaster Spell the End for a U.S. Nuclear Revival?

By Peter Behr and ClimateWire  |  Scientific American  |  Link to article Tokyo Electric Co. crews prepared Monday to pump seawater into a third reactor at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in order to prevent or halt a meltdown of its fuel assemblies, hours after a second explosion of leaked hydrogen gas rocked another […]

Landmark smokestack imploded in Laughlin

By Keith Rogers  |  LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL  |  Link to article With white smoke and dust flowing out its top, the 500-foot-tall concrete smokestack of the Mohave Generation Station crashed to the ground in dramatic fashion at 9 a.m. Friday. The controlled implosion of the 40-year-old landmark sent up a cloud of dust that caused […]

California Senate OKs renewable energy bill

By Patrick McGreevy  |  Los Angeles Times  |  Link to article Reporting from Sacramento The state Senate acted Thursday to require California utilities to boost their use of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources to a third of total supply by the year 2020. California law already requires utilities to get a fifth of […]

Solar Energy Faces Tests On Greenness

By TODD WOODY  |  The New York Times  |  Link to article SAN FRANCISCO — Just weeks after regulators approved the last of nine multibillion-dollar solar thermal power plants to be built in the Southern California desert, a storm of lawsuits and the resurgence of an older solar technology are clouding the future of the […]