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Germany to Forsake Its Nuclear Reactors

By PATRICK MCGROARTY and VANESSA FUHRMANS  |  The Wall Street Journal  |  Link to article BERLIN—Germany on Monday said it would close all of its 17 nuclear reactors by 2022, a sharp policy reversal that will make it the first major economy to quit atomic power in the wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan. […]

Fukushima Revives The Low-Dose Debate

By Dennis Normile  |  Science (  |  Link to article The general public avoided exposure to high levels of radioactivity, but questions linger about the long-term effects of contamination. FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN—At 5 p.m. sharp, Mitsuru Itou watches as a technician steps inside a quartet of orange traffic cones and black-and-yellow traffic bars marking a “keep […]

Tokyo Retreats From Its Nuclear Ambitions

By MITSURU OBE AND MARI IWATA  |  The Wall Street Journal  |  Link to article TOKYO—Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Japan should start over in forming a long-term energy policy, dropping plans to get half its energy needs from nuclear power and instead turning to renewable sources. “The existing energy-policy outline needs to be scrapped, […]

Japan to Cancel Plan to Build More Nuclear Plants

By MARTIN FACKLER  |  The New York Times  |  Link to article TOKYO — Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Tuesday that Japan would abandon plans to build more nuclear reactors, saying his country needed to “start from scratch” in creating a new energy policy. Mr. Kan’s announcement came as Japan allowed residents of evacuated areas […]

Japanese plant in harm’s way will suspend nuclear power production

By By John M. Glionna and Kenji Hall  |  Los Angeles Times  |  Link to article The Chubu company’s Hamaoka facility is considered vulnerable in case of a strong earthquake and tsunami. Reporting from Tokyo-A Japanese utility agreed Monday to take its reactors offline at a seaside nuclear power plant, just days after Prime Minister […]