What is the Clean Power Campaign?

The Clean Power Campaign formed when a coalition of key environmental and renewable energy groups partnered with grass roots activists to urge officials to kick our country’s addiction to dirty coal, oil, and other fossil fuels. For two decades we’ve led the fight for clean energy. We represent public interests and private sector companies and we advocate for policies and programs geared toward sustainable, renewable resources.

The Clean Power Campaign gives the public interest a seat at every table where important decisions are being made about energy.

We believe policy matters. Public agencies at all levels help choose which energy resources and technologies receive public and private investment. These agencies also help choose how and where that energy is produced and distributed. These agencies also choose what a project’s public-health and air-quality impacts are, and what it all winds up costing us in the end.

CPC takes the fight to the utilities, oil companies, car companies and others to reduce the use of dirty fuels, require greater energy efficiency in appliances, vehicles, and buildings, and to generate more power from clean and renewable resources. We fight for stronger laws regulating emission of toxic air pollution and climate gases. We lobby the state Legislature, Governor, Air Resources Board, Public Utility Commission, California Energy Commission, California Independent System Operator, Local and regional air quality districts, city councils and wherever important decisions are being made about the environmental and public health attributes of the energy we use.