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Want to solve climate change? Open more land to solar, industry leader says

SAMMY ROTH | LA Times Link to article Ending the climate crisis will almost certainly require putting solar panels and wind turbines on huge amounts of land — some of it valuable wildlife habitat, some of it now used for food production, some of it held sacred by Indigenous tribes. It’s an uncomfortable reality backed […]

California unveils plan to reach carbon neutrality by 2045

TONY BRISCOE | LA Times Link to article California air quality officials released a bold climate plan Wednesday that outlines in broad strokes how the state intends to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade and eventually eliminate its carbon footprint. The so-called scoping plan released by the California Air Resources […]

Californians saved the grid again. They should be paid more for it

JEFF ST. JOHN | CANARY MEDIA Link to article Smart thermostats, solar-charged batteries, EVs and other household devices can shore up the stressed grid. Why isn’t the state going all in on incentives? Last week, for the second time in three years, California’s power grid was strained to the limit by record-high demand in the […]

If Newsom wants climate action, why dismiss a California clean energy plan as ‘fairy dust’?

ALEX JACKSON AND V. JOHN WHITE | SPECIAL TO THE SACRAMENTO BEE Link to article The state Assembly proposed an alternative last week that would instead invest in expanding the state’s clean power supplies. The plan would help reduce permitting delays, accelerate power line development and hold utilities accountable for energy procurement. Newsom’s office called […]

CA Groups, Tribes Praise New Bill, Call for Climate Emergency Declaration

Suzanne Potter, Producer | Public News Service Link to article As President Joe Biden gets ready to sign the Inflation Reduction Act into law, California conservation groups are hailing it as the country’s largest-ever investment in the battle against climate change. The bill puts $369 billion into projects to reduce carbon emissions, boost clean energy, […]

Calif. dilemma: Fight climate change and keep on the lights

Anne C. Mulkern | Climate Wire Link to article V. John White, executive director of the Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies, said Newsom’s budget initiative should include an expansion of incentives to get people and businesses to plug in at non-peak times. There are several companies that recruit groups of those people and […]

BNEF says Auxin misinterpreted its research in calling for solar tariffs

Julian Spector | Canary Media

Op-Ed: California can do better than carbon neutrality by 2045

Daniel Kammen | Los Angeles Times

Lithium Valley: Imperial County big winner in California budget revision

Janet Wilson | Desert Sun Link to article California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add up to $400 million to the 2022-23 budget to accelerate development of a potential huge global supply of lithium and clean energy at the south end of the Salton Sea, and developers there could have access to $1 billion more […]