California’s Biggest Fossil Fuel Disaster: How Gov. Newsom Can Make Sure It Never Happens Again

In October 2015, a leak at SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon gas storage field caused enormous amounts of gas to seep into nearby Porter Ranch. For more than four months, America’s largest gas leak and greenhouse gas emission disaster drove Californians from their homes. Five years later, the gas that poisoned the residents of Porter Ranch is […]

ABC10 – The world reacts to Trump pulling of of the Paris Climate Agreement

ABC News interviewed Professor Ben Houlton, director of the John Muir Institute of the Environment at UC Davis, and V. John White, Executive Director of Center For Energy Efficiency And Renewable Technologies.

Iron and Earth

Iron and Earth from Iron and Earth on Vimeo. Iron and Earth is an oilsands worker led organization committed to catalyzing the renewable energy sector in Canada.

Crescent Dunes Construction Timelapse October 2015

Time lapse video showing construction of world’s first utility scale molten salt power tower project, located in Nevada. With 10 hours of energy storage, the facility generates solar electricity even after the sun has set! The project is a tremendous success story for U.S. developed technology. The project created over 4,300 direct, indirect and induced […]

Sen. De León – SB 350 Golden State Standards

Yesterday Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon mentioned exporting/importing renewable energy to other states through CalISO in his floor speech on SB 350 saying “this is do-able”. Fast forward to 13:30 on the video link below to watch.

“MIRAI” (Future): hydrogen fuel cell car

Mirai is Toyota’s new car using a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity.

“Meter” – Florida

It’s not often that you see a campaign advertisement go after cozy relationships between a Governor and utility companies. Even rarer that the issue of utility over-billing gets top billing. “Meter” highlights how Duke Energy has been gouging Tampa ratepayers. Rick Scott’s administration “did not make a peep about Duke Energy gouging its customers” and […]

California’s Environmental Challenges

In July the Public Policy Institute of California published its annual Statewide Survey: Californians and the Environment. The panel of experts at the event included Anne Baker, Senior Policy Advisor at CEERT, Assemblymember Richard Bloom, District 50 and Robert Lapsley, President, California Business Roundtable. Learn more about this video from PPIC: video link

Big Solar Comes of Age

The largest solar thermal plant in the world opens in California’s Mojave Desert, after a debate that pitted renewable energy against a threatened tortoise. The Ivanpah solar plant is one of seven big solar farms scheduled to open in California in the coming months, as a result of the state’s push to produce one third […]