Mignon Marks’ Biography

Mignon Marks is Executive Director of the California Solar Energy Industries Association.  Previously, she worked as CALSEIA’s policy director on regulatory issues.  Mignon first worked for CALSEIA in the mid-1980’s, where she staffed a consumer advice hotline.

She has more than 30 years of energy-related work experience, including 21 years at the California Energy Commission.

While at the Energy Commission, Mignon worked on the following energy issues or programs:

  • Energy-efficiency programs for city and county governments;
  • Building standards education and outreach;
  • Research and development of renewable energy and other technologies;
  • Environmental performance of California’s electricity generators;
  • Natural gas market assessment;
  • Liquified natural gas terminal siting and safety;
  • Environmental permitting of distributed and utility-scale renewable electricity generators;
  • State strategic plan for distributed generation;
  • Transmission planning for renewable energy; and
  • Retail electricity prices.

Previously, Mignon was a consultant to the following organizations:

  • Western Area Power Administration’s Conservation and Renewable Energy program, where she organized training programs for publicly owned utilities on demand-side management programs;
  • Energy Management Institute of California, where she marketed energy audit and efficiency retrofit services to public schools; and
  • Tennessee Valley Authority, where she authored a report on third-party financing of solar energy systems.

Mignon’s first solar-related job was in the early 1980s, when she worked for the State of California’s Business and Transportation Agency in the California Solar Business Office.  While in that office, she promoted commercial and industrial applications of solar thermal technology and solar business development in California.

Mignon is a fourth-generation Sacramento native.