Alexander Sherriffs and William B. Marcus: Clean-energy economy for the Valley

By Alexander Sherriffs and William B. Marcus – Opinion Columns & Blogs | Link to article

The San Joaquin Valley is a remarkable place. It has played a vital role in the development of the economy and the character of the state. The Midway-Sunset and Kern Oil Fields produced over 5 billion barrels of oil since being discovered in the 1890s. Natural water run-off and later some of the world’s largest public works brought water to the Valley floor creating an agricultural treasure, producing 250 different crops, half the nation’s fruits, vegetables and table foods, and one third of its milk…

But change is possible and happening. California is on a fast-track to revolutionize its energy system and reduce fossil fuel use. In the next 15 years, we will transform the way we make and use energy with cleaner power, efficiency measures and bioenergy solutions. The San Joaquin Valley can, should, and must play a central role in that transformation and reap the benefits a clean-energy economy brings to a region and its people.

Alexander Sherriffs, M.D., of Fowler is a member of the California Air Resources Board. William B. Marcus is chief economist for JBS Energy in West Sacramento

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