By 2020, Toyota plans to sell 30,000 fuel-cell cars a year, reach 94 mpg with Prius

Yesterday, Benjamin Hulac, E&E reporter, posted this news regarding the Toyota environmental objectives released yesterday in Japan.

Here is a brief excerpt:

Toyota released a new corporate blueprint of environmental objectives yesterday in Japan, establishing lofty objectives to streamline production of its vehicles and at its plants and taper down its energy use by 2050.

By midcentury, Toyota Motor Corp. aims to zero out all carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing plants, cut average CO2 emissions from new vehicles 90 percent—from 2010 levels—and sell 30,000 fuel-cell cars worldwide yearly, beginning around 2020. That increase would be about a tenfold jump in production and sales from present totals, said Toni Honsowetz, a company spokeswoman.

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