Commentary: This is not the time to panic and abandon California’s energy goals

By Dan Jacobson | The San Diego Union-Tribune Link to article

We can install Community Resiliency Centers that rely on renewable power now, to beef up the grid, make our state safer from fire and help us when we need it most.

State lawmakers have introduced legislation intended to help prevent wildfires and peremptory power shutoffs by pausing California renewable power mandates to allow utilities to focus on upgrading infrastructure and forest fuel reduction efforts. Here, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate and an environmentalist offer their views.

When we are lost and frightened our instinct is to run. But our scoutmasters, parents and survivalists tell us the first thing to do is to stop, get your bearings and then act. You need to figure out where you are if you are going to find your way out of danger and back to safety.

After the last spate of fires started, but before they were even out, some voices around the state started calling for California to back away from its commitment to 100% clean and renewable energy and to instead spend money on a safer grid. A safer grid is important for all of us … but before we run, let’s assess where we are.

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