E2 Response to 60 Minutes Clean Energy Piece

Dear Supporter,

You may be aware that “60 Minutes” aired a piece on Sunday, “The Cleantech Crash” portraying the clean energy industry as all but dead and government investments in cleantech R&D as a waste of taxpayer money.

I wanted you to know that E2 is pushing back. Tuesday, we sent this letter to the producers of 60 Minutes, asking for a correction and pointing out why it’s warranted. We also circulated the letter to press and allies and posted on our Clean Energy Works website. Mentions of our letter and links to it – and to www.cleanenergyworksforus.org – have been tweeted and shared on social media by numerous news outlets, clean energy groups and others.

E2’s mission is to articulate the economic benefits of strong environmental policy – including strong clean energy policies. We felt compelled to respond to the “60 Minutes” piece because of its inaccurate portrayal of the state of clean energy in this country, and complete omission of the evidence of rapidly advancing technology development and deployment in the clean energy sector.

For more information about E2’s work to advance a clean energy economy and in-depth information about the economic benefits of clean energy innovation and deployment in all 50 states, see www.cleanenergyworksforus.org.

Best Regards,


Nicole Lederer
E2 Co-founder