Legislature acts — and we breathe easier

Bill Magavern | Capitol Weekly Link to article

Millions of Californians suffered from smog and smoke this summer, but help is on the way. Defying the expectations of many observers and the fierce opposition of the oil industry, the Legislature passed a historic climate protection package in August. What the late-session action showed is that even many of the Assembly Democrats most reluctant to pass sweeping climate bills will vote for a package that includes relief for the communities most burdened by air pollution and disinvestment.

What put SB 32 (Pavley) over the top, with its ambitious target of a 40% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030, was linkage with AB 197 (Garcia), which combines new mechanisms for legislative involvement in climate policy implementation with directives to the Air Resources Board to reduce both greenhouse gases and local air pollution directly, meaning in the most impacted and disadvantaged communities that bear the brunt of toxic industrial and transportation emissions. (Link to article)