Renewable Northwest Project Applauds FERC Ruling on BPA Over-Generation Policy

December 7, 2011
Erin Greeson
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Renewable Northwest Project Applauds FERC Ruling on BPA Over-Generation Policy

Advocate looks ahead, welcomes collaborative solution-seeking with BPA

Portland, Ore. — In response to today’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ruling
on the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) “Environmental Redispatch and No Negative
Pricing policy,” Rachel Shimshak, executive director of non-profit advocacy group Renewable
Northwest Project, issued the following statement:

We are pleased that the Commission has ruled on this issue and has determined that
BPA’s “Environmental Redispatch and No Negative Pricing Policy” is discriminatory. With
these questions answered, Renewable Northwest Project is eager to continue working
with BPA and regional partners toward solutions to over-generation that are economical,
equitable and good for the environment.

We recommend a suite of strategies to prepare for a diversity of system challenges.
There is a wealth of opportunities to explore, from displacing fossil fuel beyond the BPA
balancing area to improved forecasting and storage techniques.

FERC’s ruling is consistent with the Northwest’s future-forward commitment to deploying
renewable energy resources; our region is renowned for its clean energy leadership and
environmental values. Supportive policies are essential to expanding the clean energy
economy we have built by attracting leading businesses and the thousands of jobs and
billions of dollars of investments they bring to our communities.

Our power system is evolving to meet the need for a cleaner, less risky tomorrow.
Change of any kind brings challenges, and we are confident that today’s FERC ruling will
precipitate new levels of collaboration and clean energy advancement as BPA and diverse concerned businesses, environmental and non-profit organizations work together to replace the controversial policy with more appropriate measures.

Renewable Northwest Project is a regional nonprofit advocacy organization promoting the
responsible development of renewable energy resources in the Northwest. For more
information, visit

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