Toyota and FuelCell Energy Plan to Build a Giant Renewable Power and Hydrogen Plant

By Emma Foehringer Merchant | Greentech Media Link to article

FuelCell Energy and Toyota will bring a hydrogen fuel project to the Port of Long Beach in 2020.
Photo Credit: Flickr/Scott Lederer

Toyota and FuelCell Energy are taking a gamble on the world’s first megawatt-scale carbonate fuel-cell power generation plant with a hydrogen fueling station at the Port of Long Beach, California.

The Tri-Gen plant, built by FuelCell Energy and expected online in 2020, will produce 2.35 megawatts of electricity and 1.2 tons of hydrogen per day to support Toyota’s hydrogen-fueled Mirai sedans and new heavy-duty trucks coming through the port. Power produced from the project will also be sold back to the state’s grid, ensuring another revenue source. Using California agricultural waste to produce hydrogen, it will be the first 100 percent renewable Toyota facility in North America.

The investment indicates Toyota is not letting up on its hydrogen bet, even as electric-vehicle growth accelerates and the carmaker’s hydrogen focus becomes increasingly unique. Elon Musk famously called hydrogen car technology “incredibly dumb.” (Link to article)