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Power from Site C dam ‘dramatically’ more costly than thought: expert

The Globe and Mail, Justine Hunter | Link to article Just weeks before BC Hydro plans to begin construction of the $8.8-billion Site C project, a new report says the Crown corporation has dramatically understated the cost of producing power from the hydroelectric dam. The Peace Valley Landowners Association (PVLA), which is opposed to the […]

The High Cost of Dirty Fuels

NY Times, The Editorial Board | Link to article A new report from the International Monetary Fund makes a compelling case for why countries should end subsidies for fossil fuels: It would save millions of lives. (Link to article)  

Utilities Float ‘Clean Energy Standard’ As Alternative To Tougher RPS | Link to article Five major utilities are lobbying lawmakers and agency officials to adopt a “clean energy standard” as a more cost-effective path for reaching the state’s long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) targets than tightening the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS) by requiring a 50 percent renewable power supply by 2030, according to sources. […]

Achieving California’s goal of sustainable energy future

V. John White | SacBee | Link to article Not so long ago, the idea that renewable energy could be relied upon to power our electric grid was considered far-fetched and too expensive. But having spent 40 years involved in the field, first as a legislative staffer and later as a lobbyist and consultant for […]

Study maps hundreds of methane gas leaks under streets in L.A. region

Tony Barboza | LA Times | Link to article An environmental group has identified nearly 250 locations where planet-warming methane is leaking from natural gas lines under streets in the Greater Los Angeles region. Environmental Defense Fund researchers outfitted a Google Street View mapping car with real-time air monitoring equipment that can detect elevated levels […]