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California approves climate change target that critics say is far too weak

By Sammy Roth | LA Times Link to article State officials signed off Thursday on a climate change target that critics say will reduce planet-warming emissions far too slowly. The action comes as economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to slow the growth of renewable energy. Meeting via video conference to protect […]

California is a climate leader. But here’s why it needs to move even faster

By Sammy Roth | LA Times Link to article California is aiming to slash planet-warming emissions faster than ever over the next decade — and critics say state officials aren’t acting with nearly enough urgency. The Golden State reached its 2020 climate change goal four years early, bringing economy-wide emissions back down to 1990 levels […]


By David Hodari and Ed Ballard | WSJ Link to article From giant earth towers to compressed-air plants, entrepreneurs are piloting systems to make renewable energy more reliable In the Alpine town of Arbedo-Castione, Switzerland, an electric-blue, 400-foot-high crane with six heads lifts a block of compacted soil into the air and carefully adds it […]

Geothermal’s surprise: Cheap renewables could keep states from achieving climate goals

By Herman K. Trabish | Utility Dive Link to article Planners must think beyond the levelized cost for renewables to the value that each resource brings to the grid. Surprisingly, the plunging cost of some renewables could keep states from reaching ambitious climate goals if planners fail to recognize the higher value in some higher […]

States face roadblocks on path to lower tailpipe emissions

By Maxine Joselow | ClimateWire Link to article Amid efforts by the Trump administration to roll back climate change regulations, several blue and purple states have sought to strengthen their own rules. But they’ve faced significant obstacles. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in the case of Obama-era clean car standards. In April 2018, […]

Trump administration set to approve NV Energy’s 690 MW solar farm, largest in US

By Catherine Morehouse | Utility Dive Link to article The Trump administration intends to approve siting for the largest solar farm in the United States, a 690 MW facility that will also include 380 MW of 4 hour battery storage. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its final environmental impact statement for the project on Monday, following […]

Amid shut-off woes, a beacon of energy

By Scott Wilson | The Washington Post Link to article   BLUE LAKE, Calif. — After months of wildfires, an essential question in a warming, windy California is this: How does the state keep the lights on? A tiny Native American tribe, settled here in the Mad River Valley, has an answer. Build your own […]

Trump administration says it will approve largest U.S. solar farm

By Sammy Roth | The Los Angeles Link to article The Bureau of Land Management published the final environmental analysis for another large Riverside County solar project, Desert Quartzite, in September, but has not yet issued an official “record of decision.” Link to article

Your clean cars questions, explained

By Maxine Joselow | Green Wire / E&E News Link to article You’ve probably heard the term “clean car rules.” But do you know what it actually means? Here are answers to some common questions about the climate rules for automobiles. Where did the rules originate? Former President Obama can reasonably claim credit for the […]